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Deaf Interpreting

The Deaf qualified Interpreter (BSL Relay/Intralingual) is a specialist profession. The BSL interpreter is trained to translate BSL accurately into another sign language or vice versa and to meet specific additional communication needs. They are also registered with NRCDP. This means that the Registered Sign Language interpreter has met the recognised standard of competence and professional practice through the successful completion of a formal qualification.
When a Deaf client/person has specific or complex language needs, such as learning disabilities, mental health issues, use rare signs, what is described as “Grassroots Deaf” or difficulties with communicating due to lack of education, they will need a specialist professional. This is where the qualified Deaf Interpreter (BSL Relay/ Intralingual) comes in. The Deaf qualified Interpreter (BSL Relay/ Intralingual) will ensure that the client fully understands the dialogue being communicated.

The NRCPD defines Relay/Intralingual Interpreters as, “Deaf professionals who work with Deaf people with specific or complex language needs, such as a learning disability, mental health condition, idiosyncratic or non-standardised sign language use, or limited language development. A Relay-Intralingual Interpreter will work intralingually within British Sign Language and broker communication between the hearing British Sign Language/English Interpreter and the Deaf client, in order to ensure that the Deaf client understands the message being communicated. They adapt what the hearing British Sign Language/English interpreter is signing, into a native variation of British Sign Language for the Deaf client, together with the Deaf client’s response for the hearing interpreter.” (NRCPD February 2021)

How does it work? 

Deaf interpreters work alongside hearing qualified BSL interpreters with users who are Deaf with limited BSL. They adapt what the hearing BSL interpreter is signing into a native variation of BSL for the client together with the client’s response for the interpreter.

Our deaf qualified BSL Interpreter (BSL Relay/ Intralingual) is;

Registered with the NRCPD (National Registers of Communication Professionals for Deaf and Deafblind People)
An ASLI (Association of Sign Language Interpreters) member
Have an up-to-date DBS Certificate
Have Professional Indemnity insurance (PII)

Who do we provide for

Police, local authorities, healthcare settings, solicitors, crown courts, care homes and many more

Contact us at [email protected] to find out more details 

Deaf Live Interpreting 

How does it work?

Our deaf qualified BSL Interpreter is able to provide live interpreting at venues or remotely being using live captioning or prepared scripts. The BSL interpreter will be displayed on the big screen for the deaf audience to watch, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.

Examples of the live deaf interpreting done so far are the BAFTAs, Paralympics Homecoming weekend, Jubilee Street Party 2022, WOW, Queen’s funeral at Hyde Park, television programmes, live news and conferences. 

Contact us at [email protected] to find out more details 

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