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Is your information accessible for deaf people? Does your website or Social Media feeds contain videos with important information for your potential clients? Need some help?! Read on to learn more about WealdBSL translation services
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Accessibility and Inclusion

Are you aware of the Equality Act 2010, Accessibility Information Standard or the BSL (British Sign Language) Act 2022? The Deaf community is currently missing out on vital up-to-date information. Whilst the majority of videos are subtitled, there is often no BSL translation available. At WealdBSL we are here to make your materials accessible for deaf people.

BSL Translation Services

Our BSL translation services are all-encompassing and can range from translation of website content or documentation, to last-minute announcements on social media and other platforms. We want to ensure that you are reaching out to the Deaf community and getting all your important information across. If you have information to get out to your clients, we can help you to translate it, whether it’s for website content, information boards, webinars, social media, online training or legal documents. We want to ensure that you are reaching out to the Deaf Community and getting your important information/message across in the correct way.

Qualified Registered Translator

We can provide a qualified registered translator (ID 101431X), who has over 20 years of experience. Marcel has worked with high profile companies and organisations such as the NHS, Deaf organisations, councils and in legal settings. Marcel also works regularly on screen, translating a variety of programmes and under Red Bee Media was the first Deaf person nationally to provide ‘live’ in-vision translation on the television for the Paralympics 2016 and the first live BSL in-vision translation service on Channel 4 News prime time.

On-site Studio

All translation is filmed in our on-site studio against a green screen and can be edited as required. Alongside providing a BSL translation of your material, we are also able to add subtitles and effects such as a voice-over, any other colour background, graphics or logo depending on your requirements.

We are able to offer a quick turnaround with our service and we work closely with a team of freelance editors for requirements such as background, subtitles, graphics and logos.

Depending on the size of the project it may be possible to offer a turnaround in as quickly as 24 hours or even less! We also work with a number of other freelance translators should you require diversity within your project more than one or may have a specific requirement such as a female translator.

Our Clients

Among his many accolades, Marcel achieved the Royal Television Society Award North East and The Border Centre 2000 award for the most promising newcomer for his translation of the Champion League season for ITV Sports. Marcel recently interpreted the Paralympics homecoming 2021 with a team at Wembley stadium, Bafta Awards and Jubilee Street Party.
Here’s some examples of our work;
Think Bigger
Sight for Surrey
Clore Leadership
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As a deaf-owned business, we work in partnership with a fantastic team of professionals allowing us to offer the highest standards in our translation, teaching, workshops and editing
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