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How long are your BSL courses?

Our courses vary in length from 3 months to 18 months. To find out the exact duration of your chosen BSL course, please get in touch on [email protected]

When do your BSL  courses starts?

We run courses throughout the year

Will I get a BSL qualification/certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate from the Awarding body

How much do your BSL courses cost?

Please contact us for details on each BSL course. It varies depending on which course you request.

Where do you hold your BSL classes?

We are happy to deliver the BSL courses online or at suitable venues

Do I need to attend all the BSL sessions?

Yes! You would be expected to attend all sessions to enable you to gain full benefit from the course and improve your BSL skills.

Do you teach BSL to children?

Yes we do! Contact us to arrange a course at your school

How do I know which BSL course is right for me?

Contact us for a free initial 15 mins discussion

Are the teachers deaf?

Yes 🙂

Why use a qualified BSL translator/interpreter?

They have met the recognised standard of competence and professional practice through the successful completion of a formal qualification. The interpreter is able to process the meaning of dialogue accurately and impartially when producing BSL from spoken English or English text. They have the standard, capability, impartiality, confidentiality

Do you provide subtitles?

Yes we do! We strongly recommend that you add subtitles on all your videos to ensure inclusivity 

Do you do audio videos?

We offer BSL translation for all audio videos for example webinars, social media contents and many others

How long does it take to do the BSL Translation?

Depending on the project, it can be from 24 hours to few weeks.

Do you have a green backdrop?

Yes we do, we can either send you the raw clips or we can do the editing for you to change the background, add graphics, logos etc

How long are the workshops?

We can offer a range of workshops between 1 hour to a full day workshop.

Where are the workshops?

The majority of our workshops takes place online, however we are happy to arrange the training at your venue.

Why use a deaf trainer?

They have lived through experience and is a native BSL user.

Why use a qualified BSL interpreter? 

They are registered with NRCDP. This means that the Registered Sign Language interpreter has met the recognised standard of competence and professional practice through the successful completion of a formal qualification.

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As a deaf-owned business, we work in partnership with a fantastic team of professionals allowing us to offer the highest standards in our translation, teaching, workshops and editing
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