British Sign Language Taster

Participants will be able to learn some basic sign language related to their profession through this course

What will I study?

You will learn work-based signs or everyday sign language. This course will be specifically designed for your organisation.
Where are the courses?
All our courses are either online or at a venue!
How long are the course?
It varies! The training can range from 1 hour per week over a number of weeks to a full day, for instance.
How will I be assessed?
There are no assessments for this course but you will receive a certificate of attendance
What are the fees?

Contact us for more details

How to book?

Contact us on [email protected] to arrange the BSL taster for your organisation. 

What can I do after completing the BSL Taster?
Once you have completed this course, you can progress onto Introduction to BSL or the BSL Level 1!

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