Top 10 communication tips to be more inclusive!

Communication can be a daily barrier for deaf people, so here are ten easy communication tips.


  1. Check with the deaf person what their communication preference is.
  1. Always face a deaf person. Try not to move too much as many deaf people rely on lip reading.
  1. Speak clearly at a normal pace. Don’t shout or talk for too long. Make sure you don’t cover your mouth. Also, don’t look down or away.
  1. Use gestures or rephrase to help get your message across.
  1. Ensure there is good lighting. Make sure that your face is not overshadowed and ensure that the background is not bright, for example, a window behind you puts your face in shadow, making it harder to understand you.
  1. Talk one at a time. When in a group, it can be difficult for a deaf person to follow.
  1. Use writing if stuck. This may help with understanding.
  1. Learn British Sign Language to be more inclusive.
  1. Keep trying and don’t give up.
  1. Last of all, be patient! ????


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