BSL 1:1

Our 1:1 BSL tutorage is one of our popular services and can be completely tailored to your needs.

Why book a 1:1 session

Get extra support for an upcoming BSL assessment
Practice your BSL communication skills
Prepare for a presentation in BSL
Learn some new vocabulary
Get the boost you need for a BSL resit
Fast track courses for all levels
And many more

Where does the 1:1 tutorial take place?

This can be offered online or face to face if possible. One, two, three, or even ten sessions can be scheduled at your convenience and in accordance with our tutor's schedule.

How long are the sessions?

30 minutes or one hour per session

Free initial 15 minutes

We always offer a free initial 15 minutes to discuss your requirements and access your signing skills. During this time, you can also decide how many sessions you would like to book with our tutors if you wish to do so.

This will be arranged between you and our teacher at a suitable date and time

What are the fees?

This depends on your requirements and this will be discussed during your free initial 15 minutes

How to book?

Contact us at [email protected] for more details

Book your place!
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